New powerbucks system

Right now the powerbucks system is great, with the free items from the powerdraws offered, but I have a suggestion to make it better :). I think that a good thing to do is to make it so that in addition to having weekly powerdraws, there should also be a rewards shop, but instead of having physical prizes, there should be gift vouchers for the Anker store as well as discounts. But, though the discounts would not be too expensive, they cannot be stacked image This would make it so that you could get you goodies, but you still have to pay (less) . The gift cards would be much more expensive because they cant be stacked, but to prevent people going onto this forum solely to get the gift card, it should be priced at a reasonably high level so that you would actually have to participate to get your gift cards :slight_smile:


Gift Vouchers - if they cannot be stacked, it is a total waste of Powerbucks.

I had a recent experience where I used a certain percentage discount coupon and there was discount on the item and i couldn’t Stack the coupon… So does not really help.

I like the idea of Powerbucks for PowerDraw and Anker events and other events in / around Anker PLUS have option for discount vouchers.


Yeah you’re right I think the best thing so that people cant just join to get discounts is to set a level to redeem E.G. you have to be level 5

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I like the idea @David_Zhou
It’s great for us forum members but probably not as good for Anker.

The downside to Anker is that every PowerBuck would be worth something.
There are many more losing than winning PowerBucks in PowerDraws.

As an example,
The recent Q10 generated 139 entries which is 5560 bucks.
Q10’s are currently £42.99 and at their lowest £29.99 - let’s say £35 average price?

It takes a good while to collect that many PowerBucks.
The question, is 5560 PowerBucks worth £35?

This might sound a little stupid,but there could be like a wheel with a small chance to win a prize and have mostly percent discounts

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This could be possible but idk how feasible it would be on their end since everyone would have a wheel they can spin. Also there would have to be something that we give in order to spin the wheel so there’s a lot to think about before implementing anything

Maybe exchange their PBs for an item or a discount coupon lol

Basically similar to Soundcore community


Yeah, the soundcore forum has this feature integrated.

I think it’s pretty cool, and prefer it over the powerdraw.

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I didn’t know this, I’m gonna have to go to the other forum to check it out :+1:

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surprised you are not on the Soundcore community… it is the happening place after Anker community :smiley:


@ikari04warrior, There is some good news and bad news for your though. Since your points were transferred you lost several potential notes. If you did do the contest the first month, you may have gotten a few points before it was transferred.

Now the good news, You are at level 15 in Soundcore. The reason it is good is that at level 16 or 20,000 pts you will get 240 notes. 200 notes equal about 40 dollars. If you have notes it may be that you have 300 notes by the time you hit their 20,000 points mark. The 300 notes is equal to about 60 dollars. They do have a flare mini and neos for 250.

So happy hunting and hoping you are closer to the 20,000 mark.


I honestly don’t own many Soundcore products so I feel like I’m not very knowledgeable to help others


never too late to join the party :slight_smile: you can start and see and start helping … though helping is optional and not mandatory :smiley:

main thing… enjoy the place and learn new things on sound and music (8D is the new subject going on there) !


Lol that’s true, I’ll make more visits there :+1:

I’m missing out big time. I only have 10 note :dizzy_face:

I better start farming lmao

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@ikari04warrior Do join soon, changes are coming on Soundcore Collective community !! :wink:

July Learboard has officially started and there are prizes for it (prizes still not announced, hope those get announced sooner) … check it out here

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Well you are still a decent spot though. 40 to 60 dollars can get you a Neo, flare mini, p2, or a few other with no money or potentially a little bit of money to have to spend. Only issue is depending on what you may want may not be on the Soundcore website though…


Are you the new Insider? how do you know changes are coming? and what are they?

:rofl: That is the trick isn’t it?

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I am no Insider, nor do I want to / plan to become one, happy being just the member so that I can be critique … :slight_smile:

This discussion has been going on & off for sometime on collective on multiple threads, with 1st year Anniversary coming up in September and with the new Admin onboard, we expect to see some revamp / changes… at least I think so…