New on FCC - Eufy Entry Sensor

After the new HomeBase went through FCC last week, there is an entry sensor just gone through.

Looks like we’re not too far away from these being released.


I knew it! When a post earlier talked about Eufy redesigned their website, I believed it was because more products are about to show up.

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can we see it?


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I can’t wait. I’ve been waiting to install a home security system. I hope this becomes available soon.

noooooo I just bought Ring not too long ago ::disappointed_relieved: oh well maybe it will work with it :grin:

I was planning to buy a ring myself, might wait and see if Anker decides to make their own version of the ring. Seeing as they have cameras and sensors I would think a video doorbell has to be on the horizon.

Eufy is working on a door bell cam, flood light cam, baby monitor cam and the soon to be released Evercam with AI and 1 year battery life☺️

Does anyone know when the Entry Sensors will be available?