New Nintendo Switch: Charging and Power Usage

New Nintendo Switch: Charging and Power Usage

I’ve posted results and details of my charging and power usage testing of the new model Nintendo Switch. Nintendo released an updated revision in early August 2019. It features a new system-on-chip (CPU and GPU combo), flash storage, and RAM. Each increased the power efficiency of the whole system. As such Nintendo advertised a 2-2.5 hour increase in play time.

My testing looked at play time, power usage, and charging. It found Nintendo’s advertised times were accurate. With their 5.5 hour Zelda play time doable with some power saving setting changes. And the increased play times were all due to the improved power usage.

I also found Nintendo quietly improved the power draw from 10-12W USB-A and 18W USB-C PD chargers. Meaning a large selection of older Anker chargers will charge the Switch while you play. And all their USB-C PD chargers and power banks are now optimal options for a new Switch on the go.

Next month the Nintendo Switch Lite will be released. While we won’t know for sure until then, it appears to use the same SoC, flash storage, and RAM. And thus have similar power usage efficiencies. Its smaller screen and battery will mean different play and charge times. But I would expect it to charge with the same Anker products as effectively.


Very cool find, @queuebitt!