New liberty air 2 problem?

Hey. Just got the new liberty air 2, tried to pair them both with smartphone, only paired one at a time, while couldn’t use the other one. Now the right bud doesn’t even load or gives any lifesign, tried resetting ofc. Even tried to restarted the bud. If I open the case neither the light on the bud flashes nor the light of the case flashes noticing the bud. It’s really annoying and for 90Eur I would have expected a more finished product. I don’t have fun paying for testing. I am pretty sure I didn’t miss anything to avoid this status, since I’m looking for fixes for 3 hours.

Did you make sure to remove the plastic cover over the charging pins when you got them? This would prevent them from charging and showing any signs of life when placed inside the case

Yes I removed it. It’s the damn soundcore app, was trying to update… The connection gets lost, although connected with the buds then the right bud dies randomly and doesn’t turn back on. For hours or overnight. But thank you anyways!

Reach out to they will be able to help you further