New LC40 torch review

I got today the new LC40 and recharged, below is comparing with the original LC40

The new LC40 is a fraction longer and a fraction heavier, on scales the new LC40 is 4.8oz vs original LC40 4.2oz.

The LC40 has a built in charger, under a rubber flap and when you plug in power it is a very narrow red dot which goes blue when charged. There is no battery level indicator, but in this case as it very easy to recharge you’d likely after a few hours use just recharge.

There is no hole for a lanyard attachment on the end but there is a clip.

The new LC40 has 3 brightness levels which are noticeably different, the original LC40 had bright, a lower level not much dimmer. So this is a big improvement, improving battery life if you don’t need a bright beam.

Overall given the inclusion of a built in battery charger, and more granular light level control, this makes the new LC40 more consumer friendly, but not better in every regard. It is larger and heavier, so someone who has a 18650 charger and some batteries may find it better to carry multiple batteries and swap them use a separate chargers. If you were seeding lots of LC40 in lots of places as emergency torches and rotating between them with swapping a charged 18650, then overall that method is lower cost. This new LC40 is more if you want just 1 pocket torch. Overall, net, I suspect most will find this a step up due to the built in charger and a dimmer added option.

The beam pattern and brightness look exactly the same to my eyes.

Left to right is the new LC40, the original LC40, the original LC90, the LC130.

The recharge port under rubber flap.

The end with the recharge port covered by the rubber flap.

Beam pattern of new LC40

Beam pattern of original LC40

Beam pattern of original LC90, note this has a zoom function so shown is zoomed into a central lighter area so mid-zoom.

Beam pattern of LC130

The camera normalizes light levels to balance so only use photos for beam pattern not as a sign of brightness. To a significant degree this is what a human eye would see because more lights the iris to close so you don’t really see that much more in reality, unless you are aging eyesight. The LC130 spreads its light over a wider area so more total light and less dark spots, the LC90 you can zoom it for bright spot or diffuse. The LC40 has a fixed pattern more central and no so wide.

I am particularly impressed how Anker added the charging function with minimal increase in size, they did that via removing the ability to unscrew and replace the 18650 there is inside.


First of all great review. Secondly, the 130 is a beast. Third, I find the usb built in charge function on this device a great way to spice up the flashlight market and definitely something to consider beyond your standard smartphone flashlight👍.

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Thanks for that review. Does the brightness decrease as the battery level decreases or is it just on/off?

Now that you have it in hand, is the larger head a big deal for you?


The torch I tended to go to and use was the LC90 as it had more flexibility features. The LC40 was more of a stow in quantity in lots of places for emergencies, I bought 3 the cost was (($7+4)x3+13)/3 = $15 / torch, so this one at $17 is a fraction more expensive noting I I used a small discount code of 15%.

The new LC40 closes the gap with the LC90, it has now more light modes, the built-in-charger, is still small, a tiny bit bigger than the original, but the brightest is less light and no zoom relative to LC90. Overall I suspect more people would be attracted to the LC40 than the original LC40 and a few who were preferring the LC90 may go to the LC40.

With the LC90 going to double length to increase its battery life, that will tend to put the new LC40 for pocket torch and I suspect less people will buy the LC90. Overall the new line up of new LC40, new LC90, the LC130 is more broadly appealing to more people than the prior line up.


Great review! :thumbsup: Nice quality comparison!


I freaking love the LC90. I sometimes wish i lived in a forest so i can use it more often.


Great job @nigelhealy I love the comparison and the added pictures to show the differences. I love the charge portion is the same cable ad my phone…curious if in an emergency it could be used to charge a phone if one had a double ended micro cable

The idea of combo portable chargers and torches we have floated many times here, but no hints Anker is doing. The way we have envisaged is a USB output port, or one USB-C port and press a button to make it output rather than input. Then you have one torch which can also recharge your phone. If you look at the photos, Anker has slimmed the long part of the body and the end is really struggling to fit all the features of recharge input port and the torch on/off button, it is all very compact. Possibly a wider diameter version could exist.

So a merger of this:

With either the new LC40 or the older LC90 so say merged in with this

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Yes indeed that would and could work if Anker made it. The reason I asked about if that current version would be able to charge a phone is because I have an off brand ironwolf rechargeable flashlight that, while it doesn’t state it can, does recharge my phone until the battery is drained low enough. I just wanted to know if that could be the same for this, I know it’s not stated but doesn’t mean it may not work

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Do not know. I would not try as then using for other than designed and tested. I think Anker is missing an opportunity to make a bright torch which is USB rechargeable and can recharge, and then offer in 2 or 3 flavors for different USB types. It would then be basically what I’d buy everyone. Xmas season cometh!


Awesome review. I do like the addition of the rechargeable battery. That was one thing that I was hoping it had when I was looking into getting an Anker flashlight. And I do like that the charging port is easy to get to. I ended up buying the LC90 but wouldn’t mind adding the new LC40 and LC130 to my flashlight collection. I also like the new look of the LC40.

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Great review @nigelhealy :thumbsup: I’ve got the original LC40 and LC90, both used regularly on my night runs - LC40 for dark streets and LC90 off-road, fantastic torches, but I’m also tempted by the new Bolder LC40. Can’t have too many torches :wink:

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Great review @nigelhealy and thank you for including the comparison photos!

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great review! good job!!

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Go jogging at night. Problem solved :smiley:

Great review and yes a torch with a built in power bank that showed Power left would be a great next step :grin:

Excellent review and comparisons @nigelhealy :thumbsup: , think I might be investing in a new LC40 when it comes to the UK

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Not if you live in the brightest city ever…

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Excellent review. Thanks Nigel! :thumbsup:

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