New laptop connecting to Soundbud Curve through bluetooth

Background info:
Bluetooth connection fine between curve and older asus laptop (with intel Bluetooth), iPad, Samsung android, etc. Bluetooth connection fine on my newer asus laptop (with mediatek Bluetooth due to AMD chip). I have scoured FAQs near and far but cant find answer. My situation is seemingly slightly unique compared to other connection issues. New laptop is 2021 new (got it from asus store like 2 months ago).

Current info:
Soundbud curves discoverable, but does not pair no matter what. Loads indefinitely till curves either turn off due to idle or if I’m using device and printer connection option it shows ‘this doesn’t work’ error. Drivers up to date, all other device bluetooths off so no cross pairing problems.

The closest thing I found to an ‘answer’ is someone mentioning how the Bluetooth connection is old (earphones are about 3-4 years old?) but that answer doesn’t make sense cause another older Bluetooth speaker I have works fine. Help? Thanks in advance.

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OK, the buds are discovered but don’t pair.

What is the bud’s bt specification.
You know there are different types of bluetooth connections under WIN10
(I suppose you use). you can switch between.

Did you check the bt driver?
It has to be the one given by bt card manufacturer not the default one from MS.

bt is downward compatible.
You are right if the laptop is for example 5.0,
bt version < 5.0 will work of course.

The soundbud curve specs bluetooth version is v5.0. Driver is 10mmx2. Frequency response is 20 Hz-20kHz. I am not sure what other info to provide. The laptop also uses 5.0 Bluetooth making the problem even weirder.
I didn’t know you could switch Bluetooth connection type in Windows 10. I can’t seem to find it on the internet so not sure about that.

Bluetooth driver is fully updated. It is called Mediatek Bluetooth Driver (specific version is

Btw thanks for the quick reply.

You’ve tried much of what we’d suggest.

What you didn’t mention is the basics of turn laptop off then on.

Also these older buds had a maximum pairings which may be what you’ve hit by pairing with so many devices. So reset

Regarding the on/off solution, trust me when I say I have tried fixing this for more than a week now lol. Regarding resetting the earphones I have no idea how I can do that. Nothing on the manual given in the box.

Also thx for the quick reply and sorry for not seeing this till 2 days later, been a busy few days (not related to earphones).

Open the link above it says how

Sadly still doesnt work :frowning: Thanks for the help though

Finally, someone with the exact problem that I have. Weird thing to be excited about.

Were you able to find a solution to this issue? Now one thing that jumps out to me is that it’s the Intel cards that are having problems…at least I think it’s the intel cards.

I have a new Lenovo laptop with intel hardware and an older dell laptop with Intel wireless card , both have this issue. I was thinking that this may be a Windows thing…but now I suspect that Intel might be responsible for this.

I’ll contact Intel support to see If they know anything about this and report back here.