New(ish) PowerCore Speed 2000 PD does not charge

I managed to charge my PowerCore once via my MacBook Pro 60W charger.

It has 50% charge left but I am about head off travelling and I wanted to leave with it @ 100%

Using the Anker USBC cable, the PowerCore will not charge, when either directly plugged in with the (with the 60W charger) or to my MacBook Pro (not sure if it allows through charging). No lights light up, and when it click the button on the two lights illuminate to indicate that the charge is at 50%, but that’s it (no flashing lights).

I have read through similar charging issues but not quite the same, am I missing something? Or is it time to head to support?

Thanks for reading.

… and now it seems to work - with the same set up - and I have not idea why :face_with_monocle:

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May be you should clean the in-and output.
Could be debris in there. :wink:

Could be the supplied cable, 8 ha e a 26800 bateryoack and when I go to charge it via the supplied USB c cable it only likes to charge one way and not the other. So if I plug it in and it doesn’t charge I just flip the cable around and it starts to work… It shouldn’t do this but it’s quirky so I live with it