New iPad with USB-C ports? A rumor

We’ve all seen people asking, here and elsewhere, where one can find reliable USB-C to Lightning connectors. Alas, Apple still does not allow third-parties to produce them. There have been news, though, that the licence is coming.

We’ve also longed for the moment when Apple, and other high-profile manufactures, would fully embrace USB-C in all it’s devices - to this day, there are not that many devices, specially outside the high-end devices. For a standard that’s around for a while now, and that offers so much benefit over the previous - and still used - version, it’s taking a while to get broadly adopted.

And now, to add fuel to the rumor mill, there are reports that the next iPads will drop the lightning port in favour of USB-C. It kind of makes sense, from a progressive adoption standpoint. First Apple releases a notebook with the port, then licences for USB-C to Lightning for third-part manufacturers, then introduces the port in a major device - but not the company’s main device. Maybe they’ll throw an adapter in the box, for good measure. Maybe, 2019’s iPhones will drop Lightning in favour of USB-C - let’s just hope another new, better standard is not already upon us by then. MacWorld argues both in favour and against the move in this article.

I’m sure that, when and if Apple adopts USB-C in its mobile devices, it’ll tout it as a great move for the whole industry, like it did when adopting 4G/LTE a year after other manufacturers. And then all those licenses to manufacture USB-C to Lightning will be obsolete…

What do you think are the chances Apple introduces USB-C in the next iPads?

  • It’s a sure thing
  • Not on the next iPads or iPhones. Maybe in 2022, when USB-D is already a thing
  • Nah, they’ll stick with their stupid proprietary port until there’s no more ports whatsoever and everything is wireless

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It would be nice, but I don’t think they will just to keep them a micron thinner.

That or they will just make it completely wireless

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I believe they will adopt USB c, reason is there is too much fragmentation right now with it. And, if apple does it then everyone else will follow suit and whatever apple does will become the defacto standard

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I disagree about Apple adopting USB-C for any iDevices. The Lightning connector/port is smaller/thinner…not by much but I seriously doubt that Apple would adopt a hardware format that wouldn’t let them keep their devices as thin (or thinner) than they are now. I think they’d rather ditch the port altogether than having to resort to making the device thicker just to use a different port. Either that or create another proprietary connector, even smaller/thinner than Lightning.

They’d also have to sell the idea to the millions of iDevice users, basically saying/admitting that Lightning is now somehow inferior to the USB-C format. I just don’t see that happening.

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You make some great points! Personally, I feel as though Apple will not be switching to USB-C with this year’s iPads, but rather just be including a USB-C to Lightning cable (along with a USB-C power adapter) in the box… We should find out come late-October!


It would be nice for them to change. But that would take away an income stream from them. I doubt they will make a change at this time.


There, my friend, lies the true reasoning behind all those decisions

You know what would be nice? Advancements in the tech that doesn’t change the form-factor, like Ethernet cables and HDMI. USB-A had to be replaced as devices got thinner. Micro-USB is not reversible. Both Lightning and USB-C have a slim enough form-factor to allow for many years of use. I personally don’t think we need thinner devices - at some point, either battery life will be abysmal or the device will be too fragile.

HDMI retains the same form-factor but advances power and data throughput. Why not just do the same with either USB-C and/or Lightning from now on? Let’s just keep it until the need for cables dies altogether.


I never thought apple would go to USB c. They make so much money off of having their own lightning cables

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At some point there is to thin. I don’t how strong its made it will bend or break. I think the current thinness of the iPhones and some of the new flagship android devices is then enough.

Everything should move to USB-C. Its just a more useful system.


Can see Apple moving to USB-C connectors on iPads & iPhones in say another year or so, perhaps phased in over late 2019/early 2020…they kept the 30 pin variety around for about 11 years (two years longer than needed)…so once they build up a nice licensees base for the third party USB-C to lightning to keep profits…they will probably do a swap, then claim a reinvention of the wheel :grin:

No doubt though they will drop it on iPad first, just after an iPhone release, to catch the double dippers…


I wish everything would hurry up and goto USB-C so I don’t have to have all these other connectors laying around


Apple is too greedy to do that this early. They have always been a late adopter of lots of things on their products so the lightning port going away is very slim

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It’s about time. We should have a worldwide standard and USB-C is it. It’s fast and universal.

Now there’s no excuses to make different lengths :wink:

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Bah bah baah :sheep:

If apple does it, everyone will say it’s wonderful and amazing how apple have done this fantastic thing, and it’ll be done better than android! lol

Wow…they actually made the jump :open_mouth:

Can’t wait to see the price tag that’s gonna be attached to the entry and max out versions (like 1TB)…


Yeah, it’s a whole new day!


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