New feature voting in eufy app

Customer feedback is invaluable and can help you focus on whats important to your customers vs. what you think might be important.
My suggestion is that you use your app to push questions to your customers (this will encourage higher participation) and pose questions such as “whats more important to you longer battery life or 3 second recording buffer to capture the 3 seconds of video before a trigger?”
Or communicate why that might not be possible and see what demand would be for that feature in a new product.
I for one would buy a wired cam for the front in order to get a buffered video and stay with wireless elsewhere due to their convenience.
I would also sacrifice half my battery life for such a feature.


This is a great feature to have … not only for Eufy but also for Roav DashCams… good points!

Hehehe, this is a great suggestion!

I don’t think you would have to suffer much battery life (if any at all) to get the feature though :wink: