New Feature Request: Turn of Camera for X minutes

It would be nice if I could either turn off a camera for a certain time limit, or at least disable motion detection for a certain time. I have a camera on my driveway and on my front lawn. I frequently do work in the driveway, and if I don’t turn off the camera my phone goes off every 10 seconds alerting me to a motion detection (a seperate problem that I get multiple alerts that last 2-11 seconds rather than a single long recording), but then the other day I forgot to turn the camera back on. So if something had happened in the driveway overnight I would not have captured it. Whereas if I could just “snooze” the camera for 2 hours, then have it automatically turn back on that would be great. This would also be useful when I mow the grass. It’s annoying to have to remember to turn the camera back on.

You can set this up under ‘schedule’!

There is no specific snooze button, but this is an easy way to leave a camera off for a bit!

Well I cannot turn off motion detection. For home or away. It seems like if it’s off for one it’s off for both. And even if that worked it’s not a great solution. Since I actually want the motion detection/notification on all the time whether I’m home or away. And then I’d still have to go back in and turn off the schedule, otherwise it would turn off the notifications again next time the schedule triggered, and I don’t have regular times that I work in the driveway or mow the lawn.

I see what you mean. We’ll forward this to the product engineers. Hang in there!


I was thinking about this same feature today. If we’re having a party, I just want to pause all sensing/recording while people are coming and going, and then have the system turn itself back on once that time limit expires.

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