New FCC posting - ROAV Smart Car Charger F2

Usual caveats: final products usually end up different, more so where it does not affect the electromagnetic output, and may not actually get released, and if it is released it can be weeks, sometimes months. Manuals and specs can contain errors as earlier drafts. So treat as a hint not firm.

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User manual

Wow this is really compact! I can really place inside it a SmartCar and I can charge it! It is really amazing what we can do these days.


I’m interested

UPDATE: The 2 Port Roav Smart Charger is now available for purchase via Amazon. That being said, while you can place your order now, it won’t be in stock until August 23.

You can find the product listing here:

Anker Roav SmartCharge Car Kit F2, Wireless In-Car FM Transmitter Radio Adapter, Bluetooth 4.2 Receiver, Car Finder, App Support, Dual-USB Car Charger With Power IQ, AUX Output, USB Drive MP3 Player