New FCC posting - Earbuds Flow

Usual caveats: FCC to final product may not happen, take a short or a long time, and final product may be quite different (so long as it does not affect the RF).


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Why so many earbuds?!

Depends if these are successors - if you don’t innovate you fall behind - or an addition. I think you are assuming an add to which why so many, but I’m wondering if this replaces some existing, it is an improvement on something they stop making and is a successor.

Looks like an updated version of the Slim’s from the pictures. Haven’t had a look through through the specs yet.

yeah I was thinking same, more like the Slims successors. Personally I’d only boost the battery life a little as there isnt much else wrong with them.

Based on the two manuals, the tech specs as of now look identical (IPX and battery mAh not listed for Flow). Same inners different wrapping, unlikely I would think though for the final model…

Slims don’t have the best reviews on Amazon… I haven’t looked it to it too much though.

Around 80-88% favourable (3+ stars) reviews on and 85-90% on, not the worst I’ve seen.

That’s the thing with audio products reviews, audio is a subjective thing, then take into account compatibility issues thanks to BT and you are bound to have some disappointed users (and those who downgrade the product waiting for Anker to offer refund without product return = freebie).

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i paid like $20 and it works. I’ve just used mine for a quick 1000 mile each-way flight and overnighter and they do a good job of blocking audio on the flight and in hotel.

“They just work” and its $20 and I have built confidence in Anker’s warranty, if they failed I’d probably get a new one at no cost in a few days.

If it were $79 then I might be more choosy.

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Amazon link, UK ONLY.

That’s disappointing, I like the magnetic ear bud ends.