New FCC Listing - Roav Smartcharge F3

New FCC listing this morning, Roav Smartcharge F3. New design compared to the F2 including microSD card slot for music playback.


MicroSD slot is cool I wonder what the size limit on the card will be.

Now this one looks better than the last one I saw posted that was similar. The added memory slot is a huge plus for this

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One more feature than apple! Actually a lot more features than Apple, but you get the point.

I like my F2. I use it when I borrow my mother’s old SUV when I’m visit her. Her older SUV doesn’t have AUX out so I bought the F2 connect my phone to the car. It works great but the head is to big and makes it hard to use any other ports.

This new one might make it easier to use all the ports in the car


That is the biggest problem I had, I would have to rotate it to plug my phone into it and even then it was problematic because the shifter was right there. But with this one it mounts it up away and I would be able to use the ports with ease

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I will be doing my review here in a few weeks (when I have time) I post some examples of the issues I have with it.

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