New FCC Listing - Nebula Gamepad

New listing on FCC, a gamepad, this could be interesting :slight_smile:

From the manual it looks like a gamepad for iOS, Android & Windows devices including support for the Capsule II, although iOS games will need to be iCade compatible

Charge Time - 2-3 hrs
Battery - 600 mAh
Weight - 206g


Beat me too it :disappointed:. It’s gonna be good, it’s made by anker :joy:

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Wow, interesting. Just curious how many people following FCC sire, I see at least 3 threads just started for this same topic… :joy:

I was about to post it, but I saw these posts beat me to it :joy:


So this gamepad is for the Nebula. Maybe an xbox or PS controller next?

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Just saw this too. I didn’t know Anker was going into this category

They might have a deal with Microsoft and the Xbox… they did just do an Xbox giveaway in Germany :grin::joy:

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This looks like an XBOX controller. Interesting!

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I wonder if the “holder” is adjustable or just going off of how most phones are currently sized to.

Thanks for putting up some pictures @TheDude & @Fuu_bar was dropping data signal when posting…


Hopefully there’s a couple versions of the gaming remote. I would like to see one without a phone clip and better texture on the remote case like the texture from the Powercore II 10K

Type C
Switch compatible

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Something tells me this will be compatible with Google Stadia :slight_smile: would be good to see whats in store when its released

Hmm, that looks a little uncomfortable to hold…

I wonder if this is being made to work with the new Google Stadia service.

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It’s designed to hold your phone, so it may be a standalone controller for games you already play in your phone

Initially announced here!

Not bad at $30 bucks! Wish I had a Nebula!

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