New FCC ID Soundcore Mega, Soundcore Trance

Get ready for the party…



This seems middle of the road from the rave mini, the trance, and then the regular rave.

Hope it’s good and someone can test it out when the time comes

80W is still enough to annoy the neighbours :muscle:t2:

Read a couple of mixed reviews on the Rave Mini, so will be interesting to see what the Mega & Trance models offer…

From what I have seen, most of the reviewers had max volume and complained of clipping and just poor sound quality…almost any speaker when pushed to max volume when paired to a phone will do the same thing, even more so when the phone is also set to max volume. So I trust those reviews with a tiny grain of salt.

I thought about getting a couple of Ravs to hang from the work ceiling beams. Might wait on these. Need to see what the reviewers think

80 w will be more than enough to annoy the neighbors. At our old place, the workshop had a built in stereo system and it was about 50 w with a sub. We could hear down the street.

Now that we live in the country acres of hay field and open ranch land an 80 w system will carry for a mile or more

I love how you’ve even thought about it! lol


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Soundcore Trance will be boarding on we love testing program soon!!! Happy or not happy???:crazy_face:


Happy if the UK is included :wink:

…well happy in any case as we will get to see some excellent testing from members :slightly_smiling_face:


I would really like to see some testing reviews about the Soundcore Trance and how it performs when it comes out. :grinning:
(Also happier if UK :uk: is included in the testing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Happy if CA is included this time! and allocate some units for CA to be tested in harsh cold winters (just snowed yesterday :slightly_smiling_face: :face_with_thermometer: )

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Nice. They listened to our feedback. These large speakers need a top handle. My Soundcore Rave sounds great and it’s massive, but there’s no handle(s) to carry it with :slight_smile:

There appears to be a handle up top :thinking:.

And why haven’t you reviewed it yet?

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Soundcore Mega :thinking:

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Yep. They’ve been in the app for quite some time now. I assume they’ll be released soon.

:star_struck:can’t wait

Lot of products made available in apps before they are launched.

I believe it’s so the app can be used and tested during the beta phase.

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Mine didn’t have a handle and it was Beta (non-disclosure). No review required.

They must have added it for the final version.

And I’m sure we would all appreciate a review if you feel up to it :grin: