New EufyCam E and Door sensor installation feedback

I recently bought a EufyCam E system with a couple of door sensors and wanted to share some thoughts of what I like and what I think could use some work.


Very straightforward. It went fairly easy except for one small issue.

HB plugged in and connected by Ethernet, HB led got white.

I added the first camera, it reported the Camera had been added successfully, then as I went to test the live feed, I had the message unable to connect to HB (-3).

I then installed the other two cameras, I had the same issue once more.

Then the problem went away.

I wonder if while the system was updating either the HB or the camera it created the issue, but if that was the case, @AnkerTechnical, it would have been nice to get a clearer message.

Advice: After plugging in the Home base, I would let it sit there for a while to be sure all updates are done, same thing after adding each camera, don’t rush into trying to see the camera, let them sit there for a little bit.


I chose the system for the image and sound quality I noticed in a number of reviews, and was not disappointed. The equipment also looks solid and well designed.

For the camera, I prefer the fixed mount to the magnet. The magnet would obviously be easier to manipulate, but they would also make it that much easier to tamper with the camera (position or theft).

The fixed mount are a bit hard to tighten by hand, I found I needed to use plyers to get them tight enough. This could be improved by having larger ridges (like finger large) on the tightening ring.

Motion detection:

I had some frustration at first, finding myself needing to raise the sensitivity to reach far enough in some areas which in turn made the system too sensitive and unstable. After analyzing the way the motion detection work, I think I understand the limitations (inherent to most systems) and found ways around it.

I went from having to use 95 sensitivity to reach where I wanted which was unstable, to being able to use 60 and reach farther with a stable system.

So I have dedicated a separate post about that issue, as I think a lot of the frustration some people are experiencing can be helped by a better understanding of the motion detection zone as well as some easy workaround to its limitation.

You can read the post at the link below

App and settings:

I am very happy with the App. I find it mostly has all the key required features, and I find the whole interface and layout easy to navigate and intuitive. Congratulations ! :+1:

I especially like the control you have over the camera and the Home Base Alarms, both in terms of automated response (configurable by security mode as well as devices) and manual trigger.

For example in away mode and for now, I prefer to only activate the Home base alarm when motion is detected by the camera, so I don’t risk overloading my neighbor with false alarm. I think it is enough to be heard by the people being detected, letting them know they have set off an alarm system, without being a nuisance to the neighbor.

I appreciate that I could manually trigger the outside camera alarm manually if I was to actually witness an intruder on live view.

I also like all the available options available in live view to snapshot, record, speak set off the alarm…

There are a few areas where the App could use some improvements (I may post separately in the suggestion forum):

  • I find annoying that the Events page does not automatically refresh when you open it, nor does it refresh when a new recording is created. You basically systematically have to refresh that page to be sure you are seeing all the recorded events. @AnkerTechnical, can you please fix this :slightly_smiling_face:

  • The event page is also VERY slow at refreshing if you have a lot of new events. Not a huge deal for normal security usage where you should never have tons of new recordings. But would be nice to speed that up.

  • The Events page should also give us access to the Door sensor events.

  • I did not find a way to clear door sensor events, that would be nice to have

  • It would be nice to be able to set a different Notification sound for motion detection and for door sensors.

  • We could may be use different alarm settings (volume but also duration and # of repeats) for the Home base and the Cameras.

I will update this as I get more time with the system.


Excellent setup review! Sad you didn’t take pictures while setting up :disappointed:

Pictures of what would you want to see?

Photos of the cameras, and the sensor. Before setup, and after.

I’d settle for just after photos though :wink:

Pictures of the camera and sensor are available online, but if you want to see them mounted, here you go!At3vMAQjaOZLkRv5EoQNBW1BTKDu?e=VTtsaV