New eufycam app symbol

Just wondering if anyone else has this new battery symbol bottom right & what it’s purpose is?
There’s already a battery bar above one the left which has a different reading

Believe it represents number 3 on the app changes…

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I find it strange that it’s a full bar when that battery isn’t full
it’s only on the 1st camera
one of the other cameras is actually off due to low battery & I receive notifications every 5min telling me it’s low but no battery symbol on camera image

What’s others experience of it?

Yes, it is part of this update: [eufy cam] Android App Update 1.3.4 from 18.07.2019 - News & Announcements - Anker Community

I also noticed it and its another very unclear and confusing thing they added.
But here is the special yami hint for you:

just tap that symbol and you will be enlightened :smile:

(… by the poping up message then)

This all could be avoided, if @AnkerOfficial would finally start to publish detailed and full explained update changelongs for every single update, no matter if app, hombase FW or cam FW!

Charge your phone lol

Cheers, someone on the Facebook group said what it was for

that used to be a red exclamation triangle, app must of updated yesterday as it wasn’t like that in the morning

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Yeah, had it too yesterday and taped it, as said, but havn’t made a screenshot because i thought i wouldn’t need one. But just another thing which gone worse than before. The red exclamation triangle was clear and good, the new icon is as same confusing and meaningless as some more icons and changes discussed and shown here and other threads.

But thanks for posting the screenshot, so everyone knows.

Thanks for sharing, guys! :+1: at least I don’t need to get puzzled when I see it on mine :grin:

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