New Eufy Smart Switch

Very little information but a schematic of the FCC label

My guess is this is a wall switch (does it look like this to others?) you press to turn a light on or off and you can operate that switch remotely. This could be for lights types where a Smart Bulb doesn’t fit.

You see the direction here


Kinda looks like a sensor switch (not physical buttons). Hard to tell without the manual but it looks like it might be out in the third quarter of next year possibly…

Where did you see that? In the FCC report or elsewhere?

Just a guess. On FCC the user manual and test photos are listed as not available until May 2018, then add on the usual month or two for pass and release.

Oh, that’s just the 6 month confidentiality

6 months gives enough time to tweak if required etc it doesn’t mean 6 months before anything happens.

FCC til shipping is about 3 weeks minimum. Today I’m waiting for my delivered smart plug which also has the same 180 days to prove the point from November 3rd.

It is not yet showing in the app

Although the currently shipping Smart Plug is and the Smart Plug Mini is showing in the app and is not yet shipping so I’m thinking weeks away not months away.

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Ah, didn’t notice that. Use to seeing most of the docs available at the time of the initial FCC listing…perhaps it might be the first to second quarter then…

Just purely on the Smart Plug FCC to shipping I’m estimating about Xmas but Xmas and New Year may cause delays, so then early-mid January.

If its designed and passed then why wait to make money…

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So I would prefer smart switches over bulbs in most cases. That way you don’t have to visit app every time. Also cheaper because multiple bulbs tied to 1 switch. You don’t need both.

Oh and I agree with you. We’ll likely see this sooner than later.

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horses for courses. A Smart bulb can do more things like control brightness, and color, a smart switch is more for, as you say, to not use a mobile device

Combined with smart plugs for regular non-mounted lamps its getting more of a complete system.

Need home kits and a smart power strip to control multiple sockets off one, to really to get price down.

I keep toying with the idea of buying smart plugs and bulbs, but I know if I buy one I would end up wanting to change all the plugs / bulbs in the house - credit card would take some hit for that.

I think I will wait for the price to drop and continue to do it the old fashioned way by getting up and walking over to plug lol I guess this is what it was like when they brought out remote controlled tv’s back in the day :joy:

So I expect 3 main waves:

  • limited add-on via the odd smart plug or bulb or switch to fill out corner problems, these drop in cost.

  • smart appliances. These I see as where the most expense would add up. There is a floor of usefulness of just turning on off, more fine grain and IoT.

  • ubiquity, and then you set homes into modes with the “about to wake” mode, the “I’m home in 30 mins” mode, etc and then with machine learning and your mobile tracking you it eventually does it all automatically.

The Eufy smart plug already got a discount to $20, I can see 2 packs or 3 packs and them discounted so I just see unit cost dropping.

Challenge in UK is local plug difference will cause price drops later than USA.


Eufy’s smart switch is now listed on Amazon.


Let me guess - $29.99 next week?

By the way, you were right! And now… it’s down to $22.69 ($7.30 off, rated 4.6 :star:).

Amazon link:

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You can buy it here: