New Eufy Security App Update

The android app has a new update. It is now version 1.1.1_76(US) There was no notification that an update was available. Apparently it was released on 12/26.


  1. We have added the RTSP/NAS and microphone option in camera settings.
  2. The manual update for the HomeBase has been added.
  3. We have added button control for turning off the HomeBase alarm.
  4. The low temperature reminder on the camera side has been added.
  5. We have added a reminder when you disable Record Video and Push Notification in the mode setting.
  6. Change the sensor default settings to push notification in Home Mode.
  7. Update part of language.

So far i haven’t been able to get the RTSP to work with my NAS WD MyCloud. Instructions are minimal.
I haven’t found the button to turn off HB alarm.

Well at least there is some progress.


same here couldn’t get the RTSP stream to work :frowning:

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not on ios yet

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We will be adding more instructions in our FAQ very soon regarding RTSP!


How do I get I’m in the UK and am still on Also when is the new app going to be released for iOS?

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If you have the newest version of the app…In the app, go to >my devices>homebase>device info…at the bottom of screen >check for updates

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The iOS version has not been updated yet.

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My Homebase updated to earlier but nothing for the app yet.

Yep, mine’s updated to now too, but no RTSP/NAS option yet…

They are sent in batches, so very soon!

I cannot get the cameras to update. Still showing 1.6.9.

The Homebase however has updated to

How do I update the cameras to 1.7.1?

They will auto-update. Should be fairly soon ( :