NEW eufy RoboVac 35C - How Many RoboVacs Do You Have In Your Home?

So, I just go this email for the new eufy RoboVac 35C, and I must say, it’s very tempting. I have 4 kids and 3 dogs. These robot vacuums are amazing. I have an old Roomba 650 that I bought from a coworker last year. It works pretty good, but I mainly just use it to clean the bedroom. I would love to get a second one to keep downstairs to do a nightly clean. I’ve been looking at the eufy RoboVacs for quite some time now and would like to eventually get one because they have some incredible reviews and are priced right!

Do you all have more than one in your home? Or do you do what I do from time to time and just cary it around the house and let it do one room at a time, charge it, move it, and repeat? Also, what brands do you have/recommend?

Here’s the email I got:

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I dont know if our Willi will get jealous to see another one beside him.
May be an “Olga” would be a charming girl friend for him. :heart_eyes:

So far, I carry him around : ground floor, 1 and 2 floor.

And I use EUFY RoboVac 11S of course, what else! :grin:
Dont need an app.


I have 5 kids(all under 9) and no animals… One day I plan to get one, just not in the budget. Right now its literally vacuuming every other day… I do so much research on them, its crazy.

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LOL!!! Willi and Olga 4EVA. :smiley:

I named mine Rosie from the Jetsons. I may just leave her downstairs to clean the kitchen, living room, and dining room. I only run her once every two weeks anyway.

@NxtGen, vacuuming every other day?! Dang! Good for you! I don’t have the energy to vacuum that much, which is why the RoboVacs are so appealing. Blanket the house in them and never have to vacuum again. Now we just need one to scrub the toilets as well. lol! My kids are 7, 8, 9, and 10. Luckily they’re old enough to vacuum their own rooms now.


Ok. The one with the most vacs gets a RoboVac for testing … deal ?

I have:

  1. One big main Vac for the whole flat.
  2. One handheld battery vac for the “front” rooms
  3. One handheld battery vac for the “back” rooms
  4. One medium vac in my work room - to connect to e.g. the saw …
  5. One old big vac in the work cellar
  6. One “nostalgig” vac named “Saugling” - he is retired …

Anyone bid more ?

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Hahaha! You got me beat! I have a handheld vac, an upright vac, a Roomba, a spare in case we need a junkie one, and a shopvac.

Robovac’s are expensive tbh but i have a henry hoover(numatic). I just don’t like the henry :expressionless:

This is the most adorable vacuum I’ve ever seen. Do they all look like this?

yes they do but that is the smaller version ill show you the bigger version

this is a bigger version of the same vaccum… they also make different types for example george,james,hetty ect. they have good suction power but its heavy to carry and for me its unreliable

I mainly use the handheld battery powered vacuum because it’s so light and easy to move around. A heavy, bulky one would be tough with multiple levels. They get an A+ for creativity on the look and names though! haha.

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battery powered vaccums only last for 30mins and run out of power thats the thing with them or else they would be amazing. its difficult do a house clean with it as the battery will run out.

As a collector of antiquities I have such one:

Its more than the “hercules” of the vaccums.

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@fhassm …yes I remember. Also the Ad, which said: “Nilfisk scoffs the dirt and not the carpet”.
But with this monster I would be cautious …maybe he scuffs both …

@TheCharneco Yeah, I’m a neat freak(only one in my house) and my biggest pet peeve is stepping on toys/food,etc so I am constantly vacuuming, I keep telling Anker my house would make the perfect commercial/use case. If a vacuum can survive my kids running around and clean something at the same time… It is family approved… LOL

I’ll get one eventually :\

We have 3 Dyson uprights, 1 is in the gym/workout room
1 is in the Great room and 1 is in the guest living room.

We have 2 Dyson handhelds, 1 is in the hallway by the bedrooms and 1 is in the laundry room.

We have 3 large canister vacs, 2 are in the car bays and 1 is in the workshop.

We have a spot clean vacuum for area cleaning, and 5 dustbuster handhelds… 1 is in the kitchen, 1 in each bathroom there are 3, and 1 in the front entrance way.

So total, all in all we have 13.

And yes I would trade them all for a couple of Eufy 30C vacuums