New Eufy homebase - FCC

New Eufy homebase

The sticker…


It looks exactly like the original version. Unless if it was tested and certified for new wireless bandwidth and emissions, there is no changes I can find from these documents.

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I saw this too but am lowkey confused as to what it does


Perhaps something to do with the Eufycam

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obviously :stuck_out_tongue:, but what else it does when compared to the original Home Base?

Why did you add the sticker, I ALREADY added in my post?

Just seems strange to me

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Mine was a duplicate post (after you) so mod merged it (I asked for mine to be deleted). Hope that answers?

Ah ok,

As I said, just seemed strange, but that makes sense. lol

It seems there is a “race” to post it first. I do check new topics first to try to make sure I’m not repeating.

I did check but your’s was posted under Eufy HomeBase so it didn’t came up. Sorry :grin:

Nope, it was under Eufy general

The mothership

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What’s new in this updated mothership? lol

Flip a switch and light speed.

Thanks for sharing