New eufy cam 2c user question

Can these cameras be connected to 2 different homebases/accounts at the same time?arlo had this issue that’s why I switched.previous owners can tap into your feed and watch live from the cams.i then purchased a new kit from amazon sold as new but found plastic removed from battery and scuff marks in one of the battery housing. This led me to believe it was a return and already on an account. I’m hoping eufy is different with its user privacy and only able to work on one account.please let me know if anyone has any info. Thanks in advance.

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The cameras have to be synced to the home base in order for them to work. Plus you can delete all devices from the home base and reset the cameras too

Oh ok. So to my understanding you can reset the cameras and you will need to re-synce it manually to the home base correct? Arlo is the same it is synced to a home base, but can be synced to multiple homebases and can be on different can be deleted off the previous owners account If they choose to.The only difference is you can’t rest the arlo cameras I believe or if you can it will not disconnect from previous owners you won’t know if they are watching you or not.

eufycam can be linked to only one homebase and that is within it’s proprietery frequency range.
Forget about your eufycam linked to another homebase or account, there is no way to happen that. We are struggling to place the cams within homebase’s wireless range and you are talking about connecting it to somebody else who is not even in the range, that simply cannot be done.

Also, having multiple homebases or accounts is not possible. They can be linked to only one account. No idea how Arlo’s work but this is how Eufy works.

If you have any other facts driving you to this conclusion or have any other question about connectivity/access/privacy, feel free to ask. We are here to help !!

Thank you very much for the info! That is very reassuring and I definitely am switching my whole system now.

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Just to be sure: I intend to buy 2 sets, one for the front part of our house another for the back part. I intend to buy 2 sets to avoid weak signals when using one base. Can I not connect the camera’s at the front with base 1 and at the back with base 2, and monitor both with 1 app?