New email came out with deals from anker, it's 1 day only and us only


I love how they listed the PowerHouse first at $499 :joy:

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Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t get that email… yet.

No problem @Nhi :call_me_hand:

Yea I noticed it too

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And the Nebula should be listed at $444 since its rockin Android 4.4 :joy:

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Ouch! Surely that’s a mistake.

After all, I thought Anker was partnering with Google!

Yeah very big mistake. Android 4.4 at that price even discounted at $449 is very sad news. And makes what you can do with the Nebula limited. I have been having problems with my Nebula with lagging bluetooth no matter what source I use, even Anker speakers. Theres about a 2 second lag so the Nebula needs improvements or an OTA update to bring it to the 21st century. That is why after finally repurchasing one I have refused to review it. I even sent an email to Anker regarding the issue and was told engineers would be notified and I never hear back. I tried several bluetooth speakers & headphones and they ALL lagged. Which is a bummer as the Nebula paired with my Bose home theater system would have been a sweet addition to my room. :unamused: so in my closet back in the box it sits, waiting to be unlocked to its full potential, maybe.

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Just make sure you don’t wait too long! The warranty is only 12 months from the original date of purchase.

If you track the prices, these are hardly discounts.

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Well there is no resolution to these issues yet and doubt there will be as these seem to be hardware issues, not only my unit. Others have the same complaints but seem to not be bothered by it as much. :confused:

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Version 3.

What I buy.


I’m still standing by my original thoughts, that for it’s price vs specs, I’ll wait for a future revision or a very good discount (if it makes it to the UK at all :smile: )

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I love Anker’s discounts


It’s in the process of being returned :joy:

So if I recall it all correctly, apart from the 1st one damaged, the 2nd one stolen, the 3rd one not working, it was a good experience?

Got this email a few days ago! :slight_smile: awesome sale

STRRRRRIKE 3! He’s OUT! What a bummer, seeing as how @cava3395 was so excited about getting it and we were living our Nebula dreams through him.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you. :frowning: We were all excited for you and was hoping for an invite for movie night :stuck_out_tongue: Would you even think about getting the new Nebula or are you over it?

I love innovation when done but if you decide to become an early adopter you are doing us all a favor who are in less of a rush, you find the bugs for us to then not have.

In my case I don’t need a small portable projector so I’m waiting as long as possible to let those who are eager to help improve the product.

Most Anker products are evolutionary, small incremental changes, Powercore, Powerport in particular, so is a low risk, but some things (like Nebula, Roav) are product version 1 so good to wait a little bit if you can.