New Devices & Anker

When you get a new device (Smart Phone or Tablet) do you use the charging cable that comes with the device or do you buy an Anker charging product ASAP??

Depends on the look of the cable. Thinner usually = worse. Thin short is better than thin longer.

Cables are my most wearing out things in the whole gadget ecosystem.

It all depends. I prefer a 6 foot cable, and most OEM included cables are 3 feet, so at some point I’d buy an Anker cable. Immediately? Probably not.

I ended up buying an Anker cable for my Galaxy S6 2 or so months after I bought it. I was moderately happy with the OEM cable (except for it being 3 feet), but for some reason, it would not Quick Charge my GS6 with my PowerCore+ 10050. I called Anker, and they told me I needed an Anker brand cable. I sort of think this is rigged, and am slightly annoyed at Anker, but regardless, my Anker brand cable has worked for Quick Charging and is decent.

All that to say, yes, I would most likely buy an Anker cable when I get a new device.

I’ll test it with my PortaPow USB ammeter then decide.

No I usually use the cable that comes with it. After the bad cable the company gives me breaks, I would buy an Anker cable, and then wouldn’t need another cable again.

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