New deals-UK

Here are some deals i found some of you people may fancy:

soundcore spirit pro= £28.49 code is RKYRNWRU
anker wall charger powerport 4 £9.99 using code WR6RAKGW
Referb soundcore liberty lite for £40.61 code is SOUNDCORE20

hurry get them quick before deals expire!

Will add some more deals on this page!

Always looking out for you friends :wink:


Cracking couple of deals - thanks for sharing

your welcome!

People could find these deals themselves. Your just point farming.

Haha im not the one who posts several threads everyday which are useless.:joy: @Anjou1888

At least these deals are useful to some as they were good for me.

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You posted at least one today

I haven’t posted a thread before this one which was a while back about a review I did for my Soundcore flare I think.

Why did you leave a review for a soundcore flare? There are tons of them on this community…

Bro I don’t want to argue in public just message me if you want to do that.

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I’m just trying to make a point that you can accuse any post of being point farming. Almost anything that gets posted (unless it’s completely useless and has absolutely no benifit, and is in no way interesting) is going to be fine.

I think that’s a good deal on the SoundCore liberty lite! Good job on posting the deals

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@Anjou1888 even though they’re are quite a few reviews of the Flare on the community @Muhammad_02 is more than entitled to post his review on here as everyone’s review and experiences will be different.

You need to stop reacting to members that are yanking your chain over certain issues and just get on with it. :ok_hand:t2:


I wasn’t serious in what I said, I was just trying to prove my point.

Calm down. Let us hope there will be many more of such deals - after brexit …

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