New conversation threads

I think anker community should have conversation threads. Like, a Q&A thread for quick questions that don’t require a whole new thread. A casual talk thread for people on anker community to talk and get to know each other. Threads like this would be very useful. I hope @AnkerOfficial integrates them soon.


But…how will we get extra points for starting discussion threads!!! :scream:


Oh, that would me tempt to write a script creating such threads!
A point counter will be integrated.
I will offer this for free to the others here, if there is really a need! :joy:

You only get points for two per day. I’m interested to see if you could write such a script that appeared to be human. I feel like it would get predictable after a while.

“AI” (not this weird interpretations some are always talking about when this magic “AI” is discussed) would make this possible.
Creating multiple identities with different type of interest etc.

E.g. Writing an article regarding a football match.
With a few information ( Teams, goals, penalties time stamp, etc) its possible to “create” a newspaper article about this match.

Using text components as:

“Congrats to the winners”.
“Nice deals”

and so on. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You should do it. If for nothing else than for proof of concept. It would be very interesting.

Wouldn’t hurt to try it at all.

Very good idea.
Points ? No points in this thread, only conversation.

I joined in November 2018 so I’m still a newcomers. So a conversation thread where you can get to know other people in this community would be pretty cool :+1:

You can probably tell I’m a new comer too. All the time I want to ask questions but I know if I started a new thread it would get removed. I never get my questions answered for that reason.

First thing they will say it’s to use search but if your questions don’t come up on a search, you definitely need to start a new thread. It will probably help other users


You guys are funny.

Still waiting to see if they introduce a feature to give a similar topics preview as you type your thread title (or based on thread content)…that would be a good step in the right direction :slight_smile:


One problem is, the search for threads doesn’t work very well. Sometimes I search for a thread I commented on that I wanted to see again and simply can’t find it. I don’t really know what the problem is, but I haven’t found it to work very well.

Can I start a thread talking about the new threads that have been created to discuss the creation of the old threads?

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Starting a new thread were the referring to this thread is included.
How do will call this “programmer fellows”?
Yes there might be an “exit” included, otherwise it is made for eternity!

… recursive! :innocent: