New Anker USB-C Power adapter is sparking


I bought this charger during the Labor day sale this past weekend. I wanted to use it with my new Macbook Pro 13 as a charger I could use as a travel charger and keep my Apple supplied charger at home. It says it supports 60W PD, so I figured it would be a good charger and all the Anker products I’ve had so far have served me well.

When I went to plug it in for the first time today there was a pretty big electrical spark (inrush current?) at the outlet (USB-C cable - the official apple one - was plugged into the laptop and the charger as I plugged it in). I’m now concerned about using it because I don’t want this thing to fry my new Macbook or start an electrical fire. Should I contact Anker about this or is this normal (Im thinking no but looking for feedback)?


I definitely recommend contacting


I’m sorry to hear your issues.

Please contact and better provide the photo and video for the issues, so that our customer support team will help you figure it out quickly.

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Do not touch or plug it again.
Contact the service as shown.

It is a faulty item, which will be replaced immediately.

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Thank you!

I have contacted Anker support already

Kind regards :slight_smile: