New Anker sound core not powering on

Got delivery of my Anker sound core dis monin while at church. Got home and hv been charging it wit d red light indicator on but surprisingly till now it has not come on.

Please give us some more information.

Which charger and which cable do you use?
What type of soundcore speaker you own?

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As mentioned by @fhassm more information would be helpful for members to assist.

As a starting point make sure you give the SoundCore at least 6 hours of charge, preferably from a wall socket charger that can output at 5V/2A to ensure it receives adequate power. Once your light turns blue on the Soundcore and/or goes off, you should be able to power on the Soundcore from the power button after a 2-3 second press…

If you are still having issues after this, you may have either a faulty unit. In which case you would be best contacting either with your issue and troubleshooting steps taken, or return for replacement from your point of purchase if faster (such as Amazon etc)

It’s an Anker sound core A 3102. Getting it after lots of hype abt d product.Sensed trouble wen I tried powering it on even while sealed in d cellophane park but failed. Thought maybe d battery went flat but at day once pluged in to a power source it supposed to come on. All failed.

Like advised,informed d merchant and sendin bck for a replacement dat will be unpacked and tested bfor sending bck to me.