New Anker Roav Dashcam - photos, manual, video reviews - approved as of yesterday April 13th



Here is the Roav Dashcam Android app, released yesterday April 13th

And here is a video demo from March 1st and March 31st


Isn’t this just Roav?

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It literally says Roav on it…

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Sweet, another one of my wishlist (however I now have a Nextbase dash camera which cost enough to keep it a while longer)…just need a LED desk lamp with reserve battery and the list is complete :grinning:

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Looks like Roav will become another branding a la Eufy / Anker but catering towards automative items…


It is the Roav Dashcam C1

Roav is the brand, I guess for driving related things.

So the Roav Dashcam C1:

It isn’t this

Now I see them both I’m thinking you’re going to have wanted the camera built into the Roav as otherwise you’d have the Roav Dashcam up there under the mirror to get a more unobstructed (by the hood/bonnet) view to record, and the Roav (i will need a non-Dashcam name if Roav = brand !=product ) is on your dashboard above steering wheel for navigation.


Power Fusion and USB powered LED desk lamp???

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I think it’s possible the next generation of the Roav computer will probably have a dash camera installed (perhaps for road and driver recording?) but there’s certainly room for a separate dash cam to cater to those who already have inbuilt navigation systems but no camera…

The design looks a lot like the Rexing (and a few other OEM models on Amazon)

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updated the 1st post. There is literally a lot of information out there in addition to the FCC, Android app and Youtube reviews/demo

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Not exactly what I was thinking but could work when the fusion model hits Amazon UK

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As a cyclist I’d like a legal hold function. The most common cause of problems is bad driving and if the driver owned one of these Dashcams, it can be confiscated by the police and used in evidence against them. A bad cyclist tends to hurt themselves, a bad driver tends to hurt others, so if there’s a camera involved and happens to be the property of the bad driver, it would be useful to keep that as evidence to convict the owner. As it stands a guilty driver can delete evidence of their errors.

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I wonder how good this is from dark to light transitions, night driving, and when it’s facing directly towards the sun.

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Yeah…but us beta testers are still waiting for our chance at the ROAV Dashtop. Come on Anker.

Link for the Roav Dashcam on amazon…

“MOTION ACTIVATED: When you’re away from your car, gravity sensor detects bumps to automatically record hit-and-runs.”

Does that mean it is continually recording and continually discarding and when there’s a jolt it stops discarding?

Otherwise you only have post-bump video which would be only half the story.

Not 100% sure on which strategy is being employed… I will let you know if I end up testing it!

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The way most of these “jolt” triggered dash cams work is by saving around 5 minutes (or whatever the setting is at) of the video prior and recording after the jolt until the memory is full.

So when the jolt is detected it saves the video from say 5 minutes before the jolt and locks that in the memory, and it records after the jolt as well. The dash cam will have to be turned on, it just necessarily won’t be saving the video actively.

Thanks. Does that mean its draining its battery all the time as its continually recording and discarding apart from when there’s a jolt and it stops discarding the last 5 minutes?

Most cars disable cigarette lighter when ignition off.

Yeah, that’s the problem with these dash cams. Their batteries are very small and would probably be fine for a parking lot grocery run at the most. Some cars have an always on 12V outlet, some don’t, so a lot of hardcore dash cam fans have a battery system for just the dash cams, it’s pretty crazy.