New Anker Products - Potentially Tons - Coming Very Soon

I just got off the phone with an Anker representative, inquiring about the Amazon availability incident. Don’t worry, it is intentional, and they will all be back up within 48 hours. I asked them if there were going to be any new products, and the said yes. This could mean a couple of things, but likely just one.

One thing is for sure: They are not shutting down!

Anker may be revamping all of their product lineups. Given the situation, this would not be surprising at all. Now they have released a few products recently, but they continue to offer many outdated ones, so we could be talking about a lot of products being discontinued along with boatloads of new products. I’m getting pretty psyched. What would you like to see?

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yeah!!! hopefully some cool things “cough” battery banks with better output “cough”. I am now very excited. @joshuad11 by new products does that also fall within the 48 hour window?

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That’s how I took it

Community will also offer new product campaign next week!:sunglasses:


Why would anyone jump to them shutting down based on their store going offline for a period of time? Apple do it all the time on run up’s to new products or for basic stock takes / revamps / technical faults, if your turnaround is millions in the black per year, going belly up is quite a push at that point.

As for the potential for tons of new products, not entirely an earth shattering prediction based on their recent outputs :sunglasses:

Now if their main site goes offline;

@AnkerOfficial I can’t wait!

hopefully giveaway… hint hint