New Anker Products Page Layout
Anker appears to have completely reorganized most their product categories. As a long time Anker user, I’m not sure I’m a fan… Are you? I can maybe see how it would be easier for people that have never seen Anker’s website before, but even that I don’t say with much confidence. Please share your thoughts about this new design with me! I’d love to hear from you.

The layout isn’t the problem, it’s the overlapping similar looking products you need an expert to help pick, is the problem.

Random screenshot, most people won’t know which is best for them.

Maybe a table to compare. People can check a box and compare multiple products. It does look overlapping with the powerbanks. People might get confused with a product if it looks no different than the neighboring product. Maybe a different photo for the appliance tab.


It is apparent from new members here there’s a common lack of knowledge of electrical principals, like volts, amps, watts, USB socket types. This then is compounded by the forked types of non USB like QC. Take for example the 6 26800 products with different input and output types.

You then have most don’t know how big a battery they need. So say you had a S6 and you wanted 1 full recharge there is likely 1 product which matches. But Anker doesn’t do that they sell a bewildering range of products and the customer can easily buy the wrong one.

Either Anker needs to have a filter so customer can select what they know and it points to the right product, or they reduce products diversity.


Agree! A table would be fantastic!

When I said new members, I was talking more about their familiarity with all of their different chargers and the difference between the regular and + lines, but you make a great point, too!

Electricians have to strip in order to make ends meet. Also the charging speed Quick charge and the usual Anker speed

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I agree, it’s a bit overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. We’ll be redesigning and updating the page soon, so I’ll reflect that over. Also big thanks to everyone for your ideas.

Anker customers know what they own (phone, tablet) and they know what they want to accomplish, so simply listing products and frankly esoteric mAh is not actually helpful.

mAh isn’t Wh so it’s actually causing false over expectations.

So contrast with say APC who sell UPS. You enter your devices, it points you to best fit products.


Seconded. The average end user / Joe Bloggs on the street will normally just stare open mouthed when seeing things described in volts, watts and amps. Being able to filter your needs based on the product you own and what you want to accomplish would be a giant leap forward.

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You guys mention having a comparison table for similar products,
Now where have I seen one of those before?!

I also agree with all of you, I have high school level physics and have never studied electrical engineering so seeing units of mAh, volts, watts, amperes on a product description does not really mean squat to me or my wife or my sister, it might as well say this Anker charger uses 2.4 potatoes! :yum:

What might be helpful in a description is something like , “if your iPad/iPhone/Galaxy Nexus has 0% of battery left, it will charge fully to 100% in 4-6 hours using a standard Anker cable”

Amazon does do a nice job of explaining in laymen’s terms the differences between Quick Charge 3.0, PowerIQ Technology and Voltage Boost technologies for those who are not familiar with Anker tech.

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Oh, I thought it slowed after 80.

If you look at battery history of a full recharge there’s usually a slowing at 85% then even slower from 95%. Takes twice as long from 85% to full relative to 70% to 85%.

Also batteries last longer if not fully charged so unplugged about 80% isn’t a bad thing.

If Anker can make all of that easier for non geeks it would help.


Is it true that 0-80 = 80-100 or not?

Was going to post something similar…

Nah I’d say 55-85 = 85-100

Quick charge changes 0-60 significantly, faster when emptied, but all end up slower from 85%

Here is from my OnePlus3T

There is those tables, but on Anker’s website would probably help. That would be drawing customers to rather than another website.

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Plus, Anker’s tables could include more information and useful comparisons in terms of power, and they would be more specific to their products.