New Anker Products November 2020

Hey all, since Black Friday came and went and cyber Monday is coming I was looking around a lot for just products I might need. This led me to see Anker products that seem to be new. Some of you may already know about them but figured id put together my list of the ones I found that seem relatively new to me. I don’t think this breaks any ToS since I found them all on amazon which would be public knowledge.

Anker Magneti Wireless Charger With Magnetic Pad and USB C Cable
According to my amazon chrome extension, this hit Amazon about 8 days ago

Anker PowerCoreIII 19,2000 60W PD Power Bank
According to my amazon extension this hit amazon about 4 days ago

Anker Wireless Charging Station for Apple Products
According to my amazon extension, this hit Amazon about 55 days ago

Anker PowerCOre Fusion 10000
Accoring to my amazon extension has been on amazon for about 12 days

New USB A to USB C Adapter
According to my amazon extension, its been on amazon for about 36 days

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t remember any of these being talked about or anything but found them on Amazon when looking for things to put on my wishlist for Christmas. Maybe it’s been just me but it seems Anker and Soundcore have just been releasing products without saying anything or any kind of announcement such as the new life dot 2 NC that seemed to have come out with no word about it at all.
Same with the new 20W power banks and such which is weird since they made a big deal about the 20W nano being changed from 18W to 20W.

the other soundcore product that I feel wasn’t announced but is on amazon is the Motion Boom that was mentioned on another thread

Soundcore Motion Boom

Please feel free to share thoughts on these products and if any of you have heard anything about these products.


I saw the magnetic charger for the new iPhone but I don’t know why someone would really buy that when it charges at 7.5W anyway


agreed I’m just surprised so many of these things are on amazon but have had little to no announcement I thought they might be fake but they don’t seem to be so I figured id let people know they are on amazon since I didn’t know until I was looking to see what might be out there for new ideas to ask for for Christmas.

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Hi you’re conflating three topics:

  • Anker doesn’t tend to announce products, or if they do it’s after much online discussion, it’s like they are the last to know about themselves. Weird. Anker fans discuss last, baffling. May be a China thing, may be an English language thing, but it’s for sure comes across as chaotic.
  • ToS. Censorship never works, it causes discussion elsewhere and Google search there instead. Over in another place we can share incorrect guesses and decide we don’t like it before Anker announces, so shutting down is worse than open and honest.
  • The products itself.

The products themselves:

  • the magnetic wireless pad hit FCC and it’s the 7.5W vs 15W is the big issue. Why is only an official Apple Magsafe wireless pad capable of 15W? 15W is sufficiently close to 20W you’d expect many would only use Magsafe, to get through the day. Only allowing official chargers means there is an Apple tax of you’d need 1 2 / 3 of these in places (bedside, home office desk, work location) and so represent a large $ expense. Cynically this what is Apple’s intention, the deliberate extraction of as much $ from you possible by proprietary. 15W is not advanced, we see 30W+ in Android, so a high cost for mediocrity. So at 7.5W, the effort to pull off the magnet vs effort to pull out a 20W cable? A non-magnetic pad makes more sense, plop down pick up freely. But then that’s Apple, my brain hasn’t lost enough cells to think “wow” (yet).

  • the 19.2Ah bundle. Who has 45W laptop and everything else is USB-A? Who here? The balance of A to C ports is off, needs to be two C and one A for legacy. Who has a laptop and yet would prefer less recharges by carrying 19.2Ah instead of 27Ah? Who also only charges their laptop and then only charges their Powercore? Why is there not a dual USB-C output charge which charges laptop+Powercore concurrently , prioritising the laptop then the Powercore?

  • Not sure why a 3-in-1. The wireless bud case does a few bud recharges so you’d no so much need to recharge 3 things are once. I can see 2 at once and every few nights recharge the buds probably wired.

  • 10000 Fusion. Huge. Relies on a specific aligned stiff socket. I think these are good ideas for non-geeks who don’t know what day it is forget to recharge a Powercore.


Yup I’m not a reddit user myself but tend to go there just to know what’s coming up. Some times I can tell someone to not buy a thing and wait instead (if they can). But censorship stops people from getting excited and stops discussions


I agree that the ToS censorship never works because there always seem to be leaks. I used to think the community was a great place to find out when new products hit amazon partially because of @Insider and all the posts but those seem to have died down with the new ToS I guess or maybe he is just busy not sure. I find it very strange that the ToS say we have to wait for a product to be publicly announced when they don’t seem to announce products much, to begin with. I agree some of these did hit FCC but some things don’t come out for a while after hitting FCC. I also remember in the past people posted FCC things and were told that that violated the ToS so I’m not sure I fully get why they made these new ToS.

As with your comments on the products, I agree not sure I see the purpose of all of them nor are they on my must-haves I just found it so strange I had barely heard anything about all of them until there they were staring me in the face on amazon.

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Yeah im not a reddit user myself either and honestly dont even know what else has been hinted but i guess ill check soon to see what else. Kind of ironic that the one place you think you would find anker product discussion is the one the one place that they are moving to reddit and other sites.

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I honestly don’t see this as a violation since it is publicly available info

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I saw the new Anker wireless charging station but it only works with Apple :expressionless: