New Anker Product Page Layout

I recently noticed that Anker has made a few changes to their product page layout. They have continued to upgrade and refine the design and functionality of even after the launch of Anker 3.0.

If you are on a device with a touchscreen and swipe from picture to picture, it will no longer be unbearably low resolution. I’m glad they finally fixed this!

In addition, the various tabs on each page have been reformatted from the side to just below the images and immediately above the highlights. This is a much better location for those in my opinion! Some products also now have a related products section.

A change I’m not a huge fan of is the removal of external Amazon links across the board for products. While I’m sure that it’s cheaper for Anker if you just order directly through them, sometimes you just can’t beat the convenience of Amazon, either. Also, there are a lot more exclusive discounts on Amazon it seems.

Other than that, I appreciate the fact that Anker is continuing to work on their website. Now if we can just get a live chat function like many of their sister brands have!

What do you think of Anker’s recent changes? Have you spotted anything else that I may have missed? Let me know below!


I hadn’t noticed this but I do appreciate how active Anker are, as a company. They definitely do not sit on their laurels, always trying to improve everything from individual products to the websites to this forum, etc.


Can’t say I’ve noticed but then again it’s to often I have to go via the purchase pages :grin:

Perhaps its an ongoing thing or inline as part of the upcoming forum changes (forum 3.0 or 4.0 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

As for Live chat, it would be convenient (depending on your time zones) but also don’t mind the current email method…I’m a patient fellow for most things :laughing:


That would be awesome. When I was having issues with my Roav C1 Dashcam, it was really cool to do live chat with them and get help fairly fast (depending on what time you get on live chat of course).

I love it when a tech company is constantly update and refining their website to stay current. It drives me nuts when a big box tech store has an out dated design (one store I shop at sometimes site was built in the early 2000 and still hasn’t been updated!)


Hopefully the text won’t overlap. I’ve noticed the description text occasionally mixed with any text on the other side of the screen. Live chat would be a big upgrade.

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In that case, you should’ve already been able to get help immediately. There is a live chat function built in the!

Live chat is a great idea. PLEASE ADD LIVE CHAT ANKER :sunglasses::sunglasses:

So given I get Video Prime from Amazon with Prime for shipping, it pretty much means I only use the NetFlix bundled with T-Mobile, BBC Iplayer, and Amazon Prime video, and as a result I barely never/ever/seldom go to for purchase of products.

When you add the usual problem that Anker is more expensive than Amazon on average (when you factor the discount codes), the fact the two methods do not always agree on the facts (performance, size, etc), I barely ever go to

They had that “free stuff” thing a few weeks ago which was basically just discount by another form but usually its Amazon every time for me.

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Yes, I am aware of that. And that’s how I was able to get the help I needed with my C1 Dashcam. What I meant was that they do have Live Chat BUT, due to the time difference, you would have to catch them on their time. :wink: Overall, I was extremely happy with the help I received from Live Chat.

Great idea on the live chat function. But I think they are already so engaged on this forum already, when compared to other companies.

Since I routinely acquire amazon gift cards from swagbucks, having an amazon button from this site to their is something I would love to get back. Otherwise I can’t complain much the layout is clean and easy to navigate.

Anker Dash Button

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