New ANKER Powercore 20100 (A1271) not finishing charging

My brand new ANKER Powercore 20100 (A1271) is not finishing charging. When it gets to the 4th (last) LED, it just keeps flashing. Arrived semi-charged, completed to fully charged in a few hours, when blinking stopped and lights went off. Used all its capacitiy to charge my gadgets on a trip, worked fine. During last charging duty a phone remained connected, so LED went off when phone got to 100% - but soon after it carried on charging as a percent dropped. Did so until it depleted, than a problem described above occured - only second time I’m trying to charge it up, goes well 'till 3rd LED, but the 4th just keeps flashing.
-I use high capacity cable,
-Samsung fast charger 2A output on 5V,
-reset by loopig it (brief flash? I guess thats it for indicating reset?)
-12+ hours on charge now. Pointless to keep it longer.

Help me please.

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For a reset connect the in- and the output with the added cable for 10 seconds.
If you charge it after that procedure : DO NOT press ANY buttons.
If all these doesn’t help, you should contact

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Samsung chargers are only fast chargers for your phone. They are adaptive chargers and revert to slower charging protocols when charging other devices that is not a phone. Also it is not pointless to keep your batterypack charging if you choose to continue to use this wall plug, had you left it to charge the batterypack no doubt would have fully charged but you interrupted it by unplugging it. As with phones, when it nears full charge the charge slows down so it takes longer once above a certain capacity


For this they do not need to do a reset, but use an appropriate charger that had sufficient power output to properly charge this pack. Honestly I dont get why people buy these and then try to use a phone charger to charge them up.

I have not got this! :smiley:

This same wall charger was used first time charging up PC20100, with no issues at all. Lights went off. Second time the wallcharger ended up with a pulsing, repetitive chirpig noise. I try another charger - please recommend.

Hope you are able to work it out

As I mentioned above the Samsung charger is not adequate to charge this, hence why it still wasnt fully charged.

Thanks for all advice - I bought a new Anker 24W - 2.4A wall charger with high speed cable, as the included one has connection problems. Will let you know in a few days :wink:

Anyone interested to know, I bought an ANKER A2021, 24W charger with appropriate (thick & short) cable, aaaaand… did not change a thing! It just won’t stop charging :slight_smile: as its to costy and hassley to replace, I just use it as is. It charges to 3+ LEDs, and holds a lot of juice, so FI.

Did you let it charge overnight?