New Anker keyboard

There’s a new keyboard just hit FCC

Judging by the label it must be wider with the numpad added. Personally I preferred they added a trackpad instead.


A trackpad attached would be awesome. Good idea :wink:

+1 for the trackpad. It would be perfect to control a media center !

Does the price seem reasonable for the combo?

That’s actually a really good price Imo for the combo. I remember I paid about 30 for my wireless keyboard so to include the mouse as well for just a few bucks more is even better. Although, I would have liked if they made an all in one keyboard with a built in track pad or trackball for those who have media centers and no room for a separate mouse.

yes a good price for what you get. However it is a retro step in design. They are using a USB dongle when those are on the way out and Bluetooth would have been better. I think they used that dongle to get more Wattage for more distance. But it means people like me won’t buy as I use with tablets and laptops in some cases are USB-C only with BT.

This does smack of a disappointing lack of innovation at Anker with roughly year-behind-others.

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We see now why - they bundled with a mouse.

I’d still have preferred a trackpack. Sigh. :persevere:

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