New Anker Innovations Website

Hey Anker fans, you’ll now notice a different footer on each of Anker’s sister brand pages - other than Mynt because it is not (yet) a key brand.

Unlike previously, now the site that is currently active also appears down below.

Who’s noticed the new font on the Anker website lately? Think it’s the same one from Soundcore. Thoughts?

You’ll also notice a new link to the Anker Innovations site. This seems to be replacing Oceanwing, Anker’s previous parent company.

You can find the new site at

The new site is still being worked on, so don’t be surprised if you jump on some errors over the next few days!


I noticed the change with the fcc postings, with more and more coming from Anker innovation over oceanwing. Seems like a better move imo because nobody knows oceanwing or what it with, whereas Anker innovation is exactly that

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