New Anker HDD/SSD enclosure?

I saw on Anker website under connectivity there is an HDD/SSD enclosure, though it has USB-B and only 5GBs transfers.

Other companies such as Aukey and Satechi have come out with USB-C enclosures with up to 10GBs transfers. Your all probably wondering why this is a problem right? Well more and more advanced external SSDs are becoming popular, the major one is the Samsung T3 and with 128gb of storage it will cost a very hefty $100. A few days ago I got a Seagate 4TB external HDD for $75. So there is a definite price difference for speed.

The perks of using an enclosure is you decide the cost, for example Aukey has there USB-C enclosure for $17 and a Samsung 750 EVO 250gb SSD can be purchased at $75. So using an enclosure not only gets you more storage for less but also enables fast swap out.

Anker please just add a USB-C connector and make the enclosure tool less!

That’s awesome! Perhaps Anker will get into the SSD drives later on. I would love it if Anker would make something like the Samsung T3.