New Anker and Eufy Products Coming Soon!

Eufy will soon be releasing an ear thermometer (first image below) and a blood pressure monitor (second image below). These will both work in conjunction with the Eufy app. Eufy is also rumored to be exploring ceiling fans. I’m excited where this is headed!

Any updates on the Nebula projecter?

In addition, Anker is working on a SoundCore Select (third image below), a SoundCore Boost (fourth image below), a SoundCore Pro (fifth image below), and a PowerTouch Stand (sixth image below). Finally, Anker will most likely be launching a new pair of earbuds called SoundBuds Tag sometime soon (second to last image below). All of these products seem very interesting and exciting to me! Anker is also continuing to develop new USB Chargers, Cables, Cases, and Portable Chargers (no images available). Many of these will be for the Galaxy S8, a lot of new USB-C devices, and new devices with their new IQ 2.0 (none have been released as of yet). One of these new power banks has already officially been announced by Anker (but not released yet). It is the last image below.

For more information on all three of the new speakers, go here: New speakers - Soundcore Boost and Select and Pro - General & Product Discussion - Anker Community

Tell me what you guys think of these new products! As always, thank you, and have a nice day!


Eufy Ear Thermometer

Eufy Blood Pressure Monitor

Anker SoundCore Select

Anker SoundCore Boost

Anker SoundCore Pro
<img src=“//” width=“690” height=“393”
Anker PowerTouch Stand

Anker SoundBuds Tag

New PowerCore 10000

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I wonder when it’s coming out.


If you look then items after it already in the market.

Notice the new Soundcore Pro

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What do you take from the Soundbuds Tag?

Also, obviously not all of their new products are on there. Any idea on where the rest could be hidden at?

That’s weird… on the SoundCore Pro, it appears there may be two ways to charge it: directly through an outlet and a micro usb port… interesting

FCC is just everything with a radio transmitter like bluetooth.

For the projector the brand is Nebula

Also that is not the Soundcore Pro you have in the photo that’s the Soundcore Boost, another product. So I see 2 new speakers.

This is the Pro

and like the Sport XL it looks like it can output USB power to recharge say your mobile off its internal battery

And this is a different product called “SoundCore Boost”, which as you see has IQ on its output port.

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Oh. Thanks for the clarification!

I posted, there are 3 new speakers, I posted their manuals which show specs and photos, the Boost, Select and Pro.

BTW the user manual for the ear thermometer is here:

Odd it is 15 months warranty not Anker’s usual 18 month and odd its 2 AAA batteries not USB or Qi recharged. It would be good to put on a stand like rechargeable toothbrushes.

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That is where Eufy products are trending. Their remote for the Robovac is also running on 2 AAA batteries, and it has a 12 month warranty.

If you follow the Soundbugs Tag cover letter it refers to this

So I don’t from the manual or photos see a reason for these Tag earphones, they don’t appear to have a feature say the Slim doesn’t have, I was wondering if the “tag” part meant NFC pairing but not according to the manual. Also the original is older design from June.

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