New Android Phones

I am currently running with the Motorola Nexus 6. - Also have Sprint as a carrier.

Does anyone have an opinion of what the best phone out there is? I want to keep with Android.

Do I go LG V20, HTC Bolt - Google Pixel? I’m not blown away by any of these.

Should I wait?

Depends what your are wanting from the phone? A killer camera, fast processor for games, ample storage? Answers to some of these might help others make better suggestions for you.

As for whether you should wait, that’s kinda a answer only you know…if you existing phone meets your requirements it seems kinda pointless to buy another (or upgrade) unless age/warranty or the need to spend money is a driving factor :grin:

Haha touché!

Camera and processing speed is probably #1A and #1B.

Expandable external storage is probably ideal, same with batteries (no more closed phones).

Phone works just fine now, so the need isn’t there. Just don’t want to experience FOMO (fear of missing out).



I am on my 4th year with htc one m7. My wife is on her third year with htc one m8. . We love our phones and have had issues with other brands in the past. . Not one problem with either htc and that’s all I care about and I will definitely buy another if these ever die or slow down. I work construction and my phone comes into contact with harsh elements every day and been dropped many times. Not even a scratch on either screen w/o screen protector. Just my 2 cents, others are probably good too

Honestly, OnePlus has amazed me as a company and with their products. I’m gonna shill for them until their products no longer satisfy me. That being said my OnePlus One is an excellent phone. No other tech purchase of mine has been more rewarding and worry-free. Nearly 3 years later this phone is still holding up and working like a champ, battery life has diminished significantly due to over 1000+ charge cycles. I can’t and won’t complain if this phone develops some issue now because it’s the only reason I don’t have a OnePlus 3T. It’s “good enough” in every aspect, and still would beat every other phone in the 2016 mid-tier segment, save for a fingerprint sensor.

What I’m trying to say is get a OnePlus 3T or if you have a decent phone that still works and doesn’t piss you off then wait for the OnePlus 4 next year.

OnePlus 3T is without a doubt the best Android phone for the money right now. If I was replacing my phone I would definitely get the 3T.

Thanks, Saad! I’ve been intrigued with the OnePlus since it’s release. Although, I haven’t really heard any friends or family with personal experiences, so for that reason I have stayed away.

I might have to check out the 4T when it’s released! Can’t wait!