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Wow! Anker once again has made me a believer. I never imaged the difference that a sound-bar could make. The clarity in voices, the separation in sound and the quality of the audio has given me a new appreciation for sitting down and watching TV / Movies. Before this sound-bar, I would have to raise the volume so high on my tv just to hear the dialogue better - the small TV speakers have such a hard time separating the background music and voice. With the Anker Infinity Pro, EVERYTHING sounds much better. The music is full, the voices are clear and compliment each other - rather than clashing.

The setup was a breeze! I did have to purchase a optical cable to get this to work with my TV ( My TV is a little dated and doesn’t have and HDMI Audio Out ). Plugging the cables into the back of the sound-bar was easy thanks to the recessed cavity. All the inputs were properly spaced and easy to access.

This thing gets LOUD. The first thing I did was connect my phone via bluetooth and blast the speakers! Held up very well at high volumes - bass was incredible. The controller does have a bass control incase it is a little too much.

Dolby Atmos - a huge selling feature of this soundbar. Unfortunately, I currently do not have a device that supports this but will invest soon to take full advantage of this. The good news is that Netflix announce yesterday ( 5/1/19 ) that they will support Dolby Atmos with their 4k Streaming Tier with the right tools ( Apple TV 4k, Roku 4k, ect )

Lastly, The Soundcore Infinity Pro came with mounting hardware to put it on the wall - I will be moving in a month and will update once I get it up ( Comes with Brackets, screws and a template ).

Highly recommend this Soundbar. The sound truly is impressive, super easy to setup and a great addition if you want to upgrade your entertainment experience!


Great review and pics.

I’m surprised it didn’t come with an optical cable though. Maybe someone else who got it can advise if they did or did not.


It comes with an HDMI cable and support ARC (Audio Return Channel) through HDMI - I’m sure most new TVs have. It was a bummer to have to take a quick drive to pick up a optical cable!


Nice review! It’s a shame you don’t have anyway to test the Dolby Atmos :disappointed:

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Great review. Good luck with your moving :grin:


Good photos, good review.


Great pictures and review!


Great review!! Thanks for sharing the ur inputs

It’s bit odd for Anker Soundcore not to have included the Optical cable along with Infini Pro, most soundbars include this out of box, my new Vizio system came packaged with a the HDMI cables as well as Optical cable plus some more cables ( I did not check what are those for !!)


That does seem odd that an optical cable wasn’t included, I guess HDMI ARC is better if your devices support that.

There is one included in the regular [Soundcore Inifini] ( and Infini Mini


Granted the target audience for this soundbar is probably going to have the latest tech (4k TV and something that supports Atmos ) probably won’t need the Optical cable


Good job with the review. The soundbar looks really nice.

Nice review.

I was surprised about the optical cable not being included but after doing some research turns out you can’t do Atmos over optical currently due to limitations of the bandwidth for optical.

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Yeah sound bars can make a huge difference in your tv experience. The little speakers they put in even expensive TVs muddle the sound for me.

By the way that thing looks nice!

When there are multiple devices connecting to the TV and Sound system, optical cable is vital! Mutltiple devices are connected different ways…

TV connects directly over Optical Cable to Sound system
Roku / Apple TV connects over HDMI
Fire TV connects ber Bluetooth

Using Logitech Remote control system to manage these connections…

I would definitely look for optical cables

Great review and photos! :ok_hand:

maybe I’ll buy it soon :muscle:

Good review and equally good pictures :+1: enjoy your sound bar

Good review and pictures @Josh_Howe …thanks for sharing your experience :ok_hand:

Good review have fun with it :+1::slightly_smiling_face: