Never got my buy 1 get 1 free coupon code (ANKER HELP)

Anker said if you refer 3 friends to make an Anker account you will receive a buy one get one free coupon code for Ankers new PoweLline+ II cables I have done that already and still never have received my coupon code did anyone else get theres? I took a screen to show my 3/3 referrals because they said they would email us before November 30 and its already December. ANKER PLEASE HELP!:confused:

The coupon code was limited to 200 people, out of all the people who like and follow Anker it doesn’t surprise me that it went fast. Many members here on the forum also did not get them because of how limited it was. @AnkerOfficial said if you have not received an email then you did not make the cut, again it was just limited to 200 coupon codes


Yeah maybe the 200 coupons were already distributed by the time you bought your cables :frowning:

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