"Network error" in Capsule

I just purchased a brand new Capsule projector.
I am connected to my home network by wifi, but I can’t use the app store, as “Network error” keeps popping whenever I try to download something.
So currently I can’t download (and therefore can’t use) any app for my device.
Any suggestions?

Would you please check the Settings app and make sure the date and time are correct? If they’re not, then it likely won’t accepts any SSL certificates and, therefore, won’t make a secure connection.

Yes, the time is set to update automatically, and the time zone is set correctly.

i had same issue.
did a factory reset,
then checked date time,
then used google dns and and worked

sounds funny but try it on a different wifi connection and see if it works, might be your ISP dns causing issues

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UPDATE: SOLUTION: Check your internet security settings. We use XFi advanced security services. It completely blocked everything being downloaded. Xfi saw every request as a threat. We had to disable the settings on our internet security, and then download what we wanted from the Nebula App Store, then enable our internet security service from Xfi. Easy to do using the XFi app on our smartphone.

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