Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime

Which streaming service do you use?

Netflix and sometimes Amazon Prime.

YouTube Red. I don’t enjoy “traditional” type TV shows. They’re just boring to me. I highly enjoy YouTube, so I have YouTube Red.

Have you heard of Mr. Robot?

Actually mostly I download BBC Iplayer in HD onto a Raspberry Pi with a harddrive and then copy into my devices and watch at my leisure. More reliable and power efficient on the device.

When away from Wifi, reading a SD card is less energy than 4G.

I watch youtube too but

Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube have totally replaced my subscription TV package.

Amazon Prime. Pretty much introduced me to ‘The Following’ and ‘24’, has some good films occasionally but also a lot of made for TV / low budget stuff

I use too many streaming sites… But then I don’t watch live TV (no Ariel/dish)
Netflix,Prime, Now TV, iPlayer are frequently use in my house.

Edit: I’ve just started watching Mr Robot, just started season 2. It’s pretty good, if a bit stereo-typical. Find it amusing they actually called the company Evil Corp, rather than that just being a nickname!

I use PS Vue. I know it’s borderline for cord-cutters (are you really cutting the cord?), but the included cloud DVR is awesome.

Wait, I thought the company’s name was really just “E Corp”, but Elliot only hears “Evil Corp”?

Oh maybe! I thought I’ve heard other characters calling it evil, but not sure now :smile_cat:

It would make sense that Elliot just hears it as Evil Corp though.

I’m part of all 3 but if it was up to me … well it kind of is … then I would just have basic antenna TV channels.

I’ve had Amazon Prime for a number of years, but also added NetFlix when I completely cut the cord and pulled the satellite dish off the roof. I’m considering adding Hulu as well though, as they have some good original content that I am interested in.

I use netflix