Need your HELP with this Amazon posting

I ran across this heavily discounted Anker product on Amazon this morning and would like to know your thoughts. I am going to take a chance and order it but the seller also has other discounted items by Anker for sale. Is it a scam???
here is the amazon Canada link if it still works

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At a discount of $120 and the fact they have ‘just launched’ I would say it’s a bonafide scam, either that or they have a lot of hot inventory they are trying to get rid of fast…

This makes me so angry that Amazon would allow sellers to tag on to an original product listing. If people get scammed by the “other seller” in the listing they will bring the ratings of this product down on it’s original listing of the authorized seller.

Easily a Scam. Amazon is good about removing them pretty fast. Keep an eye on it and it will be gone fast due to Amazon removing it.

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Yep it’s not the best but it is what it is until Amazon come up with a way (more noticeable to end user Joe public) to split market place from Amazon direct. As @cava3395 mentioned Amazon often get on top of them fairly quickly though…

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Yup, looks like a total scam to me. Not seen similar on Amazon uk is things like this quite common on us or ca sites?

As others have noted, you do need to be careful when ordering from 3rd party sellers on Amazon. However, if you do have an issue with a 3rd party purchase done on the Amazon website, Amazon will try to help with their “A to Z Guarantee”.

Not too often but one time I received two unhelpful review comments when a third party seller was selling an rc car for way cheaper than I paid and people thought I was to blame having given the product a good review. Mine was an authentic product and the others a year later were fakes. Exact same sell listing and my review rating took a big hit and they wouldn’t help. product was removed though after I told them about it.

And now it is marked at discontinued… I am finding some more Anker product offering really good third party prices that have popped up since this one was removed.

Maybe they are legit. Getting scammed on Amazon is much harder than getting scammed on eBay. Amazon will absolutely juice the seller if the buyer has any complaints. It’s a super customer oriented company. I’d order it, if it’s not as described then Amazon WILL take care of you, whether it’s replacement or refund. I say give it a shot if you feel like they are good discounts. It could be some of the giveaway items being sold by the winners.

Another thing they may be is a really good knock off or they are coming from someone that “got ahold” of a lot of Anker products at their place of employment and are trying to off load them. Either way I wouldn’t bite the bait.

“About Seller” link for Anker on Amazon:

“AnkerDirect is the sole authorized seller of authentic Anker products (other than Amazon) on the Amazon platform. Offers from other sellers are scamming attempts, counterfeit products or unauthorized reselling. To ensure your complete safety and the excellent service we strive to give our customers, please avoid purchasing from other sellers.”

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Ya I couldn’t resist, I ordered the 20000 powercore and premium bluetooth speaker from one seller and they got removed shortly, like one hour after my purchase was confirmed and I ordered the 10000 powercore from a different seller two hours earlier and their listing is still active. I will see what I get or don’t get and in the end it only cost me $15 plus small shipping charge for what could be close to $180 worth of product. I like to gamble and hope it is a decent reproduction as I do not own a power bank and could use one. Wouldn’t that be sweet if someone was selling their winnings cheap!!:smirk: I am supposed to get shipment sometime between Jan 3-10 so I will post my findings. PS, I have not got shipping confirmation yet just order confirmation.

By Jan 3rd they’ll be sittin nice and pretty on a beach somewhere depending on how many people ordered from them :joy:

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Certainly could be a gamble if it is a poor quality ‘knock off’, I wouldn’t leave it unattended while charging, if Samsung had such disaster stories and they were doing quality control (supposedly :grin:) can you imagine what could happen with cut and run products :scream:


It’s unavailable now but how much was it?

It was listed as $5 Canadian minus postage…

I’m an Amazon seller, Amazon doesn’t let go of the money until like 14 days or so after delivery…so you really gotta be a stupid person to not approach Amazon about getting scammed for two weeks.

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It was a joke I know how Amazon works lol. But yes some people think the item will still ship so they may take longer to come forward. That’s why them scammers continue to post.

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