NEED Suggestion: I Want to write a Review about Anker power bank

Any one suggest me the best portable charger of the Anker brand. I want to write a long quality review for my blog. i have recently wrote some reviews about best portable chargers and added two Anker’s power banks in it . But now i have two write on the most powerful powerbank of Anker. Please give your suggestions which one i have to choose.

There are many types of power banks, yes indeed.
To give you the best hint, you should give us more specifications.

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Do you have these powerbanks? Curious as your asking us what you should write a review on, but if you don’t have the powerbank then your just writing and creating a false review for what purpose?


I believe this person is planning to buy the powerbank. Don’t know for sure, that’s just the impression I get.

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If by powerful you mean highest output then you want the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD. It offers 30W via USB-C and is the highest outputting Anker power bank currently available. It is also the largest capacity Anker power bank.

Other Anker PowerCore models offer 15W to 27W output via USB-C. Their USB-A only power banks all have the same 12W output.

You may also want to consider the Anker PowerCore 10000 PD or Anker PowerCore+ 19000 PD. Those are newer USB-C models from Anker.

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Well, I suggest: get a powerbank that YOU really need - and which gives YOU the best performance. So it is up to you and your needs, which one you will select.
But then - and only then - you can write a proper review. You can name your requirements - and how the product did fulfill it

In case you should not know which powerbank you should select:

Give us a short description for what purpose you want to use it - here are all the specialists , you will get a good recommendation.

And then you buy it and write the review - I am curious !

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suggest me the more powerful powerbank i-e maximum capacity (MAH), expensive one and best quality of casing and design. it should be a anker’s brand

Dear @elmo41683 , i just want to buy a best quality of anker’s powerbank. if i like or it has maximum features then i am able to write a long review on it. So it is easy for people to buy it or also give them recommendations.
Kindly tell me the well quality of powerbank of anker’s brand.

Yeah. i want to buy too. kindly give your suggestion too.

Thankyou so much dear @queuebitt.
I think the last two you tell me i-e PowerCore 10000 PD or Anker powerCore+ 19000 PD is powerfull than all of anker’s powerbank.
I have used Anker PowerCore 26800Mah and it was just love battery wise, budget wise everything. If you every looking for best powerbank kindly try this one blindly.

it is the same question asked by @fhassm so here i paste the same answer.
suggest me the more powerful powerbank i-e maximum capacity (MAH), expensive one and best quality of casing and design. it should be a anker’s brand
@furkist i hope you will give me a good suggestion that i waiting for.

There was a beautiful list by @joshuad11 - and sorry I do not know how to link to his post, but I remembered it very well, because I find it useful. I hope this helps you - in case your interest also is for USB C.

Here is the copy of the list of @joshuad11

At the moment, here is the list of Anker PowerCores that can be
recharged via USB Type-C (in order from least expensive to most
expensive at the time of posting):

PowerCore Lite 10000 (input only)
PowerCore Lite 20000 (input only)
PowerCore 13000 C (input only)
PowerCore 10000 PD4
PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition
PowerCore+ 20100
PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition
PowerCore Speed 20000 PD
PowerCore+ 26800 PD
PowerCore+ 19000 PD

Hope this helps!

End of copy.

And in case you need some more power - then go for the Anker Powerhouse. It provides 120000 mAh . If the many zeroes confuse you: they are correct. I can write it shorter for you: 120 AH :sunglasses:

I’m thinking forget about the PowerBanks and do an in-depth review of the PowerHouse 200! Now that’s a beast!

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Haha. I can’t give a suggestion because I only own one powerbank. Best of luck on your review though! I’ll be sure to check out your blog.

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Wow! it all sounds great!
i will read all of them specs and feature and one or two from all

ok i am going to read its full specifications then decide which one to choose.

Oh no problem dude!

You’re in real risk of a low value review

If you simply buy a “powerful” battery you would need a matching power hungry compatible device to stress test it, otherwise you’ll have no objective measure and your “powerful” will be waffle.

For example, if you bought the largest most powerful PD battery and you didn’t have a matching PD charger and PD Device you’d end up writing words saying it’s heavy and expensive

Offhand I cannot think of any Anker products which are bad, they each are tuned to specific problems. If you can describe the devices and your criteria for measurements we can call out best fit Anker products.


What problems you have faced in ankers powerbanks?

In my case - none.

The most common issue we encounter here is people do not know their needs and so buy the wrong product and say things “slow” or “huge” or “expensive” when they bought the wrong product.

The word “powerful” makes me vomit, its too vague, we need to talk Volts, Amps, Wattages, mAh, Wh and charging protocols. We hear “fast charge” which is meaningless.

Anker make this problem often worse by having too many products and confusing similar sounding names. So Anker is causing some of these issues.

So I do not think you can buy a bad Anker product, you can just have inaccurate understanding of your needs and buy the wrong product for your needs.

Take as a recent example the Fusion 10000. I could tell from its specs it is huge, and my specific use case did not match, so I did not buy, but some bought and then reviewed down the product as big. That is the buyer’s fault, not Anker’s.