Need more USB C

Between my laptop, my phone, and my ipad, I really would love if there was a charger with more than just 2 USB C ports. Maybe 4 USB C ports and a USB A port? At least one of those USB C ports would need to be high power for a laptop and the rest could be similar to the nano. I rather not have to lug around more wall plugs than I need when I get back to traveling.

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But there are engineering reasons why they haven’t so far.

The first is the major market is the USA, it uses two narrow pins. When traveling the sockets in hotels/airports are more worn.

The 2nd reason is thermodynamics, in this universe heat is shed over the surface which is to the square while heat is generated is more related to the cube, so a higher power charger is hotter. Look up Boltzmann’s Law to learn more. Newer more efficient electronics will help, which is waiting for them to drop in cost. Currently Anker is saying to make a highly efficient many port wall charger is too expensive, noting also there’s a shortage of electronics due to the virus affects on manufacturing and demand.

These two then combine to make a higher wattage many port wall charger be hotter and more likely to fall out of the wall socket. We also have to see expensive chargers or wait.

You can mitigate the thermodynamic issue with a slab like shape, but in a wall charger you either make worse the blocking of sockets or falling out.

So right now if Anker made what we want you’d either see a high price, or be concerned with heat, or say it blocks sockets, or say it’s falling out of the socket

So what most do is have a high power and a low power chargers and pick which to use or both to suit the socket and situation. When traveling I’d often carry two chargers anyway for diversity of supply.

Alternatively use a desk charger the weight isn’t on the socket.

Alternatively use an electric extension cord, they have two sockets+ either side so can solve both the sockets and placement issue where sockets are distant.

We agree Anker should make more multiple socket higher power chargers, but hopefully the physics and logistics gives some reasons why the wait. The pandemic excuses for not doing by now are wearing thin, and I suspect they are making more money from the factories making hubs and projectors than chargers right now.

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