Need help with soundcore q10s

I want to talk to my friends using messenger and play games but i cant hear the game sound at all… so there are 2 pairs of outputs - soundcore headset and soundcore headphones… i have to use headset or else i wont hear my friends and if i try to move my game to anker headset i dont hear anything at all

Hi @Tomas_Buta

Soundcore Life Q10 when paired with Windows 10 shows as Headset (microphone is enabled / available) and Headphones (No mic).

Headphones is good for listening music or only hearing audio.

Headset mode is good for Calling with Softphone, Skype, Zoom, Webex.

Listening audio over Headset mode does not give a great audio quality.

For Gaming, you may want to use Headset mode.

Also Anker SoundCore has better options for Gaming, namely Soundcore Strike 1 and Strike 3

You can find more about them here and on Soundcore community

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Is there any way to turn on the microphone forever?

Only option to have mic ON all the time, is to make use the AUX cable connection to Life Q10… connect to the 3.5mm socket on Laptop.

Would have thought mic was enabled all the time under Windows 10 headphones / stereo setting…at least it is when I’ve used the Life 2 / Liberty 2 / Liberty 2 Pro’s under Windows 10 :thinking: