Need 1:1 Scan from "Screw Hole Positioning-Card" for Eufy wired Doorbell


is it possible that anyone can eMail me the 1:1 Scan of “Screw Hole Positioning-Card”
for the wired Eufy doorbell?

Need it quick (lately till tomorrow (Friday)).
Need the Screw Hole Positioning Card for the Produktion of my fence and door outside. Because i want to give lately tomorrow the release to production the fence/door.

Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:
Big Thanks and
best regards

Hope someone replies to you soon with a PDF. In the meantime:

(1) Maybe you can use color paint on the back of the mounting bracket and press down on a white sheet of paper. The bracket’s holes line up with the positioning card, as that is the purpose of the positioning card. This should give you a scan of the positioning card. Not sure if the bracket is flush to the edge so you can get color to go through.

(2) Anker should start including this in their user manual PDF. @AnkerOfficial

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This is exactly I would have been proposing him.

@Chiquinho hope this helps

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Hey @SpechtHecht, thanks for reaching out!

In order to further assist you in this case, please contact us at, we will have our engineering team assist you with this case.