Nebula Website Revamped!

Nebula Website looks revamped, looks sleek and great!

Now the site includes Apollo and Cosmos, has the new referral section.

With all these Change… Do we think we are going to see birth of yet another forum / community ? Nebula community :wink:

What are your thoughts about the new site?

Go check out

I’m wondering this too :wink:
And if Nebula is ever going to do a community, instead of a “community”, it sounds more like a “mini cosmos”, as Nebula gets all the cool names, like you are gonna travel through the galaxy over there haha :face_with_monocle:

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sounds cool!

Is it a hint :wink: about new Nebula community coming soon?

As what I know so far, they haven’t got a Nebula community plan yet :wink: but sometime in future for sure. I’ll let you guys know if I hear anything :laughing:

I hope they don’t :sweat_smile::innocent:

Already 3 communities now… :pray: tough to focus on all… :joy:

Haha I see you guys are running back and forth between 3 communities a lot lately :laughing:

I totally got you :rofl:

Astronomy would ask you to make a set of Nebula a cluster, or a star formation area.

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