Nebula Website - Finally

I FINALLY found the Nebula Projector website.

Have a great one!

It is a better use case showing on the page than that bedroom Youtube review. Who needs one in a bedroom which likely has a brighter flatscreen TV at half the cost.

Version 2 with a USB-PD input to make benefit of future USB-PD portable chargers and future USB-PD car chargers, will be even better. Hey, wonder if it will be called Nebula Mars Pro.

(I just made that up but I can see already the obvious shortcomings)

I find this a bit unbelievable, I have a healthy skepticism the lumens can make such a bright image in such a bright room. But the above one is much more viable as it is dark.

And then this one totally ignores the shadow effect off anything in front.

Looking forward to owner reviews.

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Based on the manual and looking at my product, the cooling air input is at the bottom. In that case, placing it on carpet of the bed is probably not a good idea.

Turns out, for most applications a tripod is handy and a portable screen.

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most things with vents which cool do similar to suck from below because in general lower down air is cooler and rising air warming is a natural direction after passing through warm electronics. Laptop on my laptop right now, sucks from vents below and blow out rear.

Agree, tripod is a good idea, it will help with spills, get it high enough it is over the heads / furniture, and if you get the type with different leg length options, to cope with uneven surfaces like for camping or getting it just-right in odd places.

Your product - so have you reviewed it yet?

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